Music Organizers – Top 3 Rankings

There are a lot of music organizers out there that promises to do everything for your music library. I will be reviewing the top music organizer, iTunes cleaner, and much more. I will only be reviewing music organizer software that I have used personally such as Tuneup Media, mediamonkey, and rinse my music. These three at the top when it comes to cleaning and organizing your music library.

I have both iTunes and Windows Media Player and it’s a pain when songs have misspelled titles/artist names or have missing album art. I don’t like it when my songs have names such as “Unknown Artist” or “Track 01″. What about albums that has missing album arts? If you’re like me, you want your music library to be as neat and clean as possible.

Here are my top music organizers that I have used:

#1: Tuneup Media
Tuneup media works for both iTunes and Windows Media Player and it’s a simple plug-in which will find missing album covers, fix your songs (such as missing titles/information/artist names/etc), remove duplicates to save space, and even something called Tuniverse which alerts you when your favorite artists are in town. Tuniverse isn’t for me, but I’m sure it’s useful for someone out there. Don’t worry though, Tuniverse isn’t the main feature of Tuneup Media.

My two favorite features of Tuneup media has to be it’s “clean” and “cover art” feature. The clean features will go through all of your songs and fixes misspelled songs title/artist with the correct information. While the covert art feature will go out there and find album art for your albums. Everything is done automatically which is why Tuneup media is #1 when it comes to music organizers.

#1 Music Organizer: MediaMonkey

No this isn’t a typo. I also think mediamonkey is #1 and tied with Tuneup Media when it comes to cleaning your music library. They are both great music organizers in different ways. It’s hard to rank either one at the top, so I would have to list both of them as #1 when it comes to music organizers software.

Tuneup media is #1 when it comes to iTunes and Windows Media Player, but if you aren’t looking for a plug-in and looking for a standalone software instead, then mediamonkey is for you.

Mediamonkey does everything. Yes, everything! It’s hard to explain this awesome software in any other word. This software is a media manager and targeted at users with a huge library. Small music library owners can also use it, so don’t get discourage.

This amazing software can fix mp3 tags, find album art, record CDs, RIP CDs, play other music formats, get album art, fix mp3 tags and much more.  It will even sync with your iPhones, iPods and MP3 players. It comes with hundreds of Addons which lets you do pretty much whatever you want for your music and video files. I will be here all day if I were to list all the Addons here.

#2: Rinse My Music

This is the newest software to clean your music collection. It’s very similar to Tuneup Media and has most of the same features. The difference between the two is rinse my music is a standalone software that connects directly to the iTunes while Tuneup Media is a plug-in which works for both iTunes and Windows Media Player. Tuneup also works better.

It will fix song details, remove duplicate songs to save space, grab high quality album art, organize iTunes genres, and more.

Which Is The Best Music Organizer?

Among all of the music organizer I have listed, I would recommend Tuneup Media if you’re into iTunes or Windows Media Player because it can’t work without it. If you don’t want to use iTunes or Windows Media Player, then I would recommend mediamonkey because it’s a standalone software which comes with hundreds of Addons that lets you pretty much do whatever you want to do with your music library. Rinse my music is also a good choice, but I would only get it if for some reason tuneup media and mediamonkey doesn’t work on your computer.

It really depends on what you want to do with your music and how you want to organize your music library. You really can’t go wrong with either of these three music organizers.